NIKE Hyper Elite Platinum
For the launch of the NIKE Hyper Elite Platinum series, Obscura augmented a real basket ball court with live 3D projection mapping with 8 story-worlds based on the most iconic NCAA basketball teams, activated by 8 New York City street dunk champions.
Nike planned to launch 8 new uniforms called the "Hyper Elite Platinum" series for the 8 most successful NCAA basketball schools. They wanted this launch to be a live show and something totally different from what they'd done in the past. The challenge was to come up with one story that could become a live show to release the uniforms for the first time. The target audience was high school males so we decided to make the audience our protagonist.

The story opens with a young man wandering into his high school gym. As he ties his shoes and gets ready to shoot hoops he opens a doorway into the future of NCAA basketball. He's transported through 8 worlds, each representing one of the Hyper Elite teams. Arizona opens in the desert, followed by Duke in a blue cavernous underworld, Syracuse in a tron-like reflective environment, UNC in a wind-tunnel, Florida on the back of a gator, Baylor in an 8-bit videogame, Kentucky on the moon, and Uconn in the Uconn Forest reimagined with plastic bottle leaves. Woven through the narrative is the story of recycled plastic bottles. Each of the uniforms are made entirely of recycled plastic and this became a key visual device.

What made the show unique was the unprecedented combination of live projection mapping, 3D animation and live basketball for a live audience. That meant no retakes and nothing that could be touched up in post. A writer from Syracuse called it "Basketball Performance Art." The video is a documentary of the live show from 6 camera angles.

Obscura Digital
Chief Creative Officer, Travis Threlkel
Creative Director, Aramique Krauthamer
Art Director, Thiago Zanato
Technical Director, Andrew Plourde
Interactive Director, Grady Sains
Head of Software, Barry Threw
Media Director, Marc Melzer
Producer, Bill Galusha
Executive Producer, Mia Choi
Head of Production, Matty Dowlen
Technical Director 3D, Jim Ellis
Animator, Tony Grisey
Animator, Ron Robinson
Animator, Tim Digulla
Original Music and Sound Design, Tim Digulla
Animation by Obscura Digital, Dorian Orange and Polynoid