Going into the World Cup we knew all the other sports brands would create epic campaigns. Big productions, big promises, big call to actions. We also knew many other non-sports brands would be jumping on the bandwagon with all sorts of humor and caricatures. After all it’s the biggest sporting event in the world. So we decided to do what no one else could.

Be honest.

We created a simple message inspired by a true story.
Our team spent weeks on the ground in Africa shooting with stars from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria and Egypt. We shot with kids no one has ever heard of. With families, taxi drivers, people hanging out in tiny African pubs. And we told the story of people and football. A love story of sorts, showing Africa’s relationship to football and revealing the purest love of the game.

“Journey of Football” follows the players and fans of Africa as they gear up for the world stage.